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Our verticals

Our team works with products for weight loss in Vietnam. Vietnamese traffic is cheap at the moment and there is not much competition among affiliates in this geo.
Dating for a serious relationship is very popular around the world. This vertical is quite profitable if you have the opportunity to buy cheap traffic. The lead payout here is small, but I would recommend this particular vertical to every affiliate for the start.
We know this vertical for affiliates is very competitive. That is why we use our methods to attract traffic.
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Best cases

Mainstream Dating From Vkontakte

  • 5 month
  • + 100%
  • over 8k$
Demonstration case about why it is worth working where there is less competition. Work in mainstream dating vertical. Good margins of a simple bundle on a popular traffic source - Vkontakte. We bought traffic from all over the world.
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In my training, I talk about white niches for buying traffic on Facebook and Search Engine Optimization. And some more... coming soon