Clickdealer review

Hello, my friends. This story made me think about whether it is worth buying traffic to popular affiliate networks in 2019? I will tell you everything as it was and attach screenshots.

Getting Started with Clickdealer

My account was registered on this network in the summer of 2018. But there was no activity, because there was no need.

As time went. My account managers have changed. They wrote to me with suggestions to work with them. One day I had the opportunity to take 5000$ and start work with Clickdealer. I did not know what was waiting for me...

Manager Anna Leonova and the beginning of the problems

On November 30, 2018 I already bought traffic on one of the clickdealer offers, buying traffic in Propellerads

I went to sleep. And when I woke up in the morning I saw that my traffic was being redirected not at all to my landing page. While I was sleeping the landing page in the offer to which I was sending traffic was simply turned off.


"Next time we compensate". But the next time something worse happened.


On December 5, 2018, part of the traffic was inconsistently redirected to the offer to which I was not even connected. Who can redirect the traffic if he goes to the affiliate network? Of course, the affiliate network

What did the manager answer me? She spread her arms and said that this could not be.


The following situation was the beginning of a serious conflict with Clickdealer.

Offer Olimp Trade. Here I had no more doubts about the shaved.


I used the Binom tracker - the industry leader. They claimed that the problems were on my side. in fact, they just stole some of my traffic.


On December 9, 2018, I already knew that it was urgent to stop working with a clickdealer.

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In addition to the undisguised Shave, I was also delayed paying


Results of working with clickdealer

Financial losses: -3000$

Delay payments: yes

Sheave: yes

I do not recommend working with this affiliate network, if you value your money, time and nerves. Thanks for attention